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Wizard of Oz

Directed by: Michael Genevie
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Dates: March 7, 8, 14, 15 2008
Season: Winter 2007-2008

Meg Genevie as Dorothy
Walt Yates as Uncle Henry
Kimberly Yates as Aunt Em
Terry Gilchrist as Hunk
Rick Dettmann as Zeke
Shane Bradley as Hickory
Daryl Chandler as Farmhand #1
Wesley Hill as Farmhand #2
Julian Morris as Alice
Lisa Edwards as Miss Gulch
Henry Pettit as Professor Marvel
Juliana Morris, Wesley Hill, Donna Aleman, Hannah Horton, Jess Bowie as small crowd
Judy Cannon as Glinda (The Good Witch)
Mark Meyers as The Munchkin Mayor
Angel McAllister as The Munchkin Barrister
Katie Carrol, Devon Bowie, Boyce Gladden, Lexi Sweezy, Payton Busbee, Sadie Bradley, Taylor Deal, Danielle Morris, Elizabeth McCurry, Brooklyn Dahmer as The Munchkins
Joshua Kirby as City Father
Donna Aleman as City Mother
Kelsey Eller as Coroner
Kayleigh Smith, Meg Botts, Brantley Hanna as Munchkin Tiny Tots
Sarah Kimsey, Elijah Gilmer, Dylan Martin as Munchkin Tough Kids
Greer Reid, Weston Reid, Carson McCurry Catherine Martin, Kaylee Gilmer, Anna Gilbert as Munchkins
Lisa Edwards as The Wicked Witch
Terry Gilchrist as Scarecrow
Shane Bradley as Tin Man
Kyle Douglas Burgin as A Tree in the Forest
Rick Dettmann as Cowardly Lion
Kelsey Eller as Gatekeeper
Angel McAllister as Gate Supervisor
Devon Bowie as Guard #1
Daryl Chandler as Guard #2
Mark Meyers, Katie Carrol as Assistant Guards
Henry Pettit as The Wizard of Oz
Wesley Hill as Nikko
Jess Bowie, Hannah Horton, Joshelyn Hawkins, Kalyn Satcher as Winged Monkeys.

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